A complete long-term care system to better accommodate aging society and low birth rate in Taiwan

A complete long-term care system to better accommodate aging society and low birth rate in Taiwan
A complete long-term care system to better accommodate aging society and low birth rate in Taiwan
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Date : 2017/12/12
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Rapid population aging and low birth rate have place a higher burden on family care. More people give up quality life and their jobs in order to take care of their family. In view of this, the government has drew up long-term care to better accommodate the issue of aging society.

Long-term care 2.0 to extend service targets and service scope
For those who are in need of care by others due to illness or their age, Ten Year Long-term Care Project (Long-term care 1.0)was promulgated. Despite multiple resources and subsidies provided in Long-term care 1.0, the insufficient budget, target criteria, fixed service subsidy, the lack of manpower and many more resources have been the issues to be solved. In January 2017, Long-term care 2.0 was implemented on a community basis from family, domestic, community to stationed caretakers, giving a diverse and continuous service.

The service of Long-term care 2.0 are classified into A, B and C 3 levels for the establishment of community overall caretaking model: “Community Integrated Service Center (Level A)” - “Complex service center (Level B)” – “Neighborhood Long-Term Care Station (Level C)”. By access through any level of the service the case will be transferred properly to corresponding party of which the 70% service charge (complete subsidy for low-income family, and 90% for mid-income family)) subsidized by the government. For more long-term care target and service information, go to Long-Term Care At A Glance.

Call “1966 Long-term care hotline” for all long-term care related questions
If you need a long-term care service, please call hotline 1966 directly for professional long-term care inquiry. Local long-term care resources, the model best suits your needs, and the service including Home Care, Community and Home Rehabilitation, Respite Services, Care Services, Accessory Purchase or Rental, barrier-free Home Improvement Services, Elderly Nutritional Catering Services, Long-Term Care Agency Services, Pick-up Services. Please go to “1966 Long-term care hotline” for relevant information.

Hours: 0830~1200, 1330~1730, Monday to Friday
Contact: Dial 1966 directly from cell phone or landline. Free of charge for the first 5 minutes.

Apply Long-term care in 3 steps:
1. Call: Call 1966 long-term care hotline (Free of charge for the first 5 minutes)
2. Evaluation: at home evaluation for the target by caretaking specialist from local authority.
3. Service: based on the needs of the target, home care service, community service, Respite services, accessory purchase, transport and other long-term care services are provided.

According to the service provided, there are three long-term care services: home service, community service, accommodation service.
1 Home Service: the caretaker provides service at target’s place. The service includes home care, home Respite Care Service, home health care and home rehabilitation for the disability at home.
2 Community Service: a care center in a community for daycare, home foster care, and elderly Dementia group accommodation.
3 accommodation service: 24 care service, nursing institutes, long-term care institute, general health care institute, veteran’s home and mental care institute.

For local institute service, go to http://ltcgis.mohw.gov.tw/or https://www.mohw.gov.tw/cp-88-224-1-34.html for relevant information.

To prepare the manpower for long-term care, WDA (Workforce Development Agency, MOL) has organized professional caretaker training course.
The job scope covers from house chores, daily living care, physical care, patient care and assistance under medical personnel’s supervision. The course opens for anyone 16 years old and above and is willing to serve as caretaker. 80% to 100% training expense will be subsidized by government. For unemployed new habitants, the course is completely free, and living expense for whole day training is covered. For detail of caretaker training courses information is available on “https://www.taiwanjobs.gov.tw/mobile” or dial 24hr toll free customer service 0800-777-888

A 108,000 NTD working allowance will be provided by MOL for the unemployed serve as a caretaker.
According to regulation, workers unemployed for more than 30 consecutive days or involuntary employment termination who registered for seeking jobs under public employment service institute and has been introduced to compliant home service unit and daycare center for more than 30 consecutive days with weekly working hours above 30 hours and 35 hours respectively, and are in line with the relevant provisions, based on employment duration, each individual is entitle for monthly 5,000 to 7,000 NTD employment allowance for up to 18 months.

To prepare for ageing society, the key is to have a sound long-term care system. The government is promoting long-term Care 2.0, establishing long-term care service hotline 1966, cultivating caretakers, etc., the implementation looks forward to easing the burden of caretakers and provide quality life and dignity for the elders and disabilities.

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