Build Community Epidemic Prevention Network to Epidemic New Life

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Date : 2020/6/15
Updated : 2020/6/15 上午 11:40:00

CECC said the COVID-19 epidemic has spread worldwide, and Taiwan has been predicted that the severity of the epidemic may be the second to China. However, in the severe outbreaks worldwide, Taiwan has strengthened surveillance of suspected cases through strict community networks, and strengthened the management of those at risk of infection. The government worked hard to effectively preventing the spread of the outbreak and enabling the people to maintain normal lives. Compared with countries that adopt closures, Taiwan did great.

The CECC pointed out that in order to grasp suspected cases in a timely manner, COVID-19 was declared as the fifth infectious disease in the early stage of the outbreak. Experts formulate case handling procedures. In response to the changes of the epidemic situation and empirical data, the government timely adjusted and launched a community monitoring program in February. The government has expanded the detection of suspected cases and prevented the spread of the COVID-19 in the community and medical institutions as early as possible.

In this epidemic, the CECC sets monitoring and management regulations of different strengths according to the infection risk level of the people. The government strengthens the tracking and management of home isolation and home quarantine people through the coordination and cooperation of health, civil, police and other units, supplemented by the use of smart technology. In order to reduce the burden on front-line personnel, local governments have also established caring service centers. Local governments ensure that home quarantine and home quarantine people can receive timely psychological care, medical assistance, transportation arrangements, and life support to improve the coordination of people's home quarantine and home quarantine, and effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic in the community. In addition, with the passing of special regulations, compensation is given to the people who cooperate with the control, and the overall penalty is increased.

The CECC said that in the current stable domestic epidemic situation, if there are no new local cases in the near future, domestic restrictions will be lifted after June 7. The people should continue to carry out the new life movement of epidemic prevention, implement social distance and do personal hygiene protection. The public needs to cooperate with the businesses to carry out anti-epidemic operations, such as rationing plan and temperature monitoring, so as to internalize the epidemic prevention into daily life.

The CECC reiterated that epidemic prevention is not just the government's business, but everyone's business. Thanks for every epidemic prevention and medical care partner and all the people who cooperate with epidemic prevention work.

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