CECC clarified: The center has not restricted any long-term care facilities from going out.

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Date : 2020/6/15
Updated : 2020/6/15 上午 11:30:00

In response to concerns about whether residents at long-term care facilities would be allowed to leave to go out, CECC said residents who need medical treatment, rehabilitation, other necessary community participation, functional rehabilitation or return home can leave.

As residents at long-term care facilities tend to be older, he advised them to wear a mask and follow hand hygiene.

CECC said in order to reduce the risk of infection of the residents of the long-term care facilities, the organization has been asked to take relevant control measures, including restricting people with the risk of COVID-19 infection or suspected infection symptoms such as fever, respiratory symptoms, olfactory and taste abnormalities from entering the organization. The organization has also been asked to limit the number of visitors and the number of visits.

In the Guideline of Infection Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Long-term Care Facilities, CECC recommends that residents should be assessed the risk of infection if they take leave to return to the institution, for example, asking if they have ever traveled to China, went abroad, or have close contact with relatives and friends from abroad who have symptoms of fever or respiratory infections.

The CECC appealed that the epidemic prevention needs the government and people to work together to prevent epidemic, rescue and revitalize, to overcome the difficulties together.

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