Taiwan national face mask production team assists globally.

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Date : 2020/6/11
Updated : 2020/6/11 上午 10:40:00

The CECC said that in response to the trend of COVID-19 epidemic, government reasonably configures the demand for face masks, and has continued to adopt the face mask requisition policy from January 31, 2020 to the end of May. Government also increases the face mask production capacity from 2.71 million per day to nearly 20 million per day.

The CECC pointed out that in order to implement fairness, government initiates a Name-based Mask Distribution System on February 6, and people can buy face masks in more than 6,000 pharmacies and health center by health insurance cards. For the Name-based Mask Distribution System 2.0 and 3.0 that start from March 21st and April 22nd, people can pick up at supermarkets and convenient stores after pre-ordering online. As daily production capacity increases, people can purchase face masks from 2 tablets in 7 days to 9 tablets in 14 days. A total of more than 700 million face masks have been provided for people's livelihood. In addition, in order to take care of citizens abroad, people can send face masks to overseas relatives such as spouses 30 masks every 2 months from April 9th.

With the stabilization of the domestic epidemic situation and the sufficient inventory, only 8 million face masks will be requisitioned every day from June 1. The remaining quantities of face masks will be open for domestic or export, but the Name-based Mask Distribution System will continue to be parallel for people can still buy a 5 dollars MIT face mask. There is no limit for carrying, mailing or express delivery to overseas and there is no need to apply for export permission. Once the inventory of face masks is less than 100 million pieces, the requisition will be increased to 12 million pieces.

The CECC said that the current face masks needs of domestic can be met because of the fully support of the reserve forces of the Army, the comprehensive requisition by the Textile Institute, and Chunghwa Post responsibility for logistics. In the future, it will adopt a new quality control mechanism to ensure the quality of MIT, and guide the industry to obtain worldwide certifications, and push the domestic epidemic prevention asset industry to the international market.

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