Keep practicing disease precautions to reopen.

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Date : 2020/5/18
Updated : 2020/5/18 下午 04:05:00

Taiwan sees more than 30 days without new coronavirus cases of domestic transmissions. Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announces supplementary explanation for new life guidance on May 13th.

CECC said people should maintain proper social distancing — 1.5m indoors and 1m outdoors — among customers; promote personal hygiene measures, such as requiring visitors to wear masks, checking their temperature and providing disinfectant; control visitor flow, keep a register of people entering the premises and regularly sanitize the environment; and ensure that fire prevention and security systems are in order.

Businesses that fulfill these conditions can be freed from the center’s guidance that groups of 100 indoors or 500 outdoors should be avoided, CECC said.

CECC on April 9 announced that hostess clubs and dance clubs should suspend operations after a hostess in northern Taiwan tested positive for the coronavirus. At the same time, CECC also urged the people to avoid getting involved in crowds, confined spaces, and business sites that are prone to cluster infection. In the current epidemic, all local businesses also cooperated to suspend operations.

CECC said with the easing situation and new life guidance of COVID-19, municipalities can make a decision after assessing their own disease prevention capacity and that of businesses. Local authorities should implement the assessment and verification of the reinstatement of business operators, and also implement the supervision work. CECC respect the local governments to adjust the epidemic prevention regulations in accordance with their responsibilities. If the local government still has doubts about the guidelines and measures, or there are special cases for further discussion, CECC is happy to discuss and explain with them.

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