Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announces new life guidance of COVID-19

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Date : 2020/5/18
Updated : 2020/5/18 上午 10:35:00

Under the united efforts of the frontline medical staff and Taiwan people, COVID-19 is under control. For the balance of epidemic prevention and quality of life, CECC announces new life guidance of COVID-19 in two ways, outdoor activities and catering.

CECC said that there is no problem going out if the regular disease prevention guidance including wearing masks and maintaining social distance is followed. For example, an outdoor concert, an art performance, or a sport game. Despite the easing situation, people should continue to practice disease prevention measures, CECC said, adding that continued vigilance would bring a relaxing of rules.

With the coming of Labor Day holidays, CECC shares long-weekend guidelines for COVID19. The guidelines include several recommendations that have been repeated by authorities since the initial outbreak of the novel coronavirus, such as maintaining good personal hygiene. People should avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth, and maintain social distancing of at least 1.5m when indoors and 1m outdoors, they say, adding that when social distancing cannot be maintained, a mask should be worn. If going outdoors, it is best to visit open spaces where there are no crowds, the guidelines say. A mask should be worn when in areas that are crowded, enclosed or lacking good ventilation, as well as in situations where there would be an unspecified number of people or close contact with other people, they say. In the guidelines, the center also recommended that people avoid dining in restaurants with close seating and social gatherings in the form of meals.

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