Be cautious of suspicious links of mask fraud.

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Date : 2020/5/18
Updated : 2020/5/18 上午 10:22:00

COVID-19 is still in the peak period. Name-based Mask Distribution System 3.0 is on the way of the seventh round, and people can pre-order before May 6th. National Health Insurance Administration said emask system will not send messages of failed pickup and pre-order, and people should not click unknown links from emails or messages. NHI will only use the official document to notice people about the arrears of health insurance premium. Be cautious of phone fraud.

National Health Insurance Administration found out phishing scams about pre-order mask recently. Phishing emails and text messages may say they’ve sent you the package, or want you to double check your address for delivery, or claim there’s a returned package from your end. There is always a phishing website for you to click, and the scammer will use your account and password to get the payment from phone. The scammer will also use arrears scam of health insurance premium to get your personal information and payment.

Phishing text messages may look like they’re from National Health Insurance Administration. You can ask phone company to close mobile payment and credit card company to cancel your card to prevent the fraud. National Health Insurance Administration will never ask people to pay arrears of health insurance premium or tell people about lock or misusing of health insurance cards by using phone, voice mail, or LINE. Please always check 165 anti-fraud line, and dial 0800-030-598 or 4128-678 for health insurance consultation (02-4128-678 for cell phone)

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