With the upgrade of the COVID-19 outbreak emergency operation, Taichung City New Immigrants Education Center postpones courses.

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Date : 2020/4/21
Updated : 2020/4/21 上午 10:12:00

Taichung City Government upgraded the COVID-19 outbreak emergency operation center to level 1 to engage in advance deployment and bolster various outbreak prevention work. In light of the risk of spreading the virus during indoor activities, the Education Bureau of Taichung City Government has announced the postponement of all courses and activities at the new immigrants learning centers and adult basic education classes until after April 15th.

According to the Education Bureau, considering a large number of students in the classes (a majority of them are conducted indoors), and to prevent the risk of spreading the virus through close contact, the decision was made to postpone all evergreen academy courses to April 15th. Before the start of the course, the learning institutions will continue to be invited to strengthen the environmental disinfection of each class room.

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