Early Prevention of Dementia Extends Happiness

Do you have a family member or friend suffering from dementia?

Do you often see on the news some senior citizen somehow got on a national highway and had an accident or hear the noise of incessant fights next door where the old lady repeatedly accuses her daughter-in-law of stealing? These can be real stories happening every day in a family where a member suffers from dementia…
Dementia is a collective term describing various diseases that continuously cause cognitive dysfunction in the brain; it is a symptom instead of normal aging and is not simply just memory loss, other functions such as language abilities, spatial awareness, calculation ability, judgement, abstract thinking and attention can all deteriorate even along with symptoms such as behavioral disturbances, personality changes, delusions and illusions, leaving the patient incapable of working and living while putting a huge burden on the family and caretakers.

The video gives a concise introduction of dementia on its causes, symptoms, estimated patient population in Taiwan and ways to prevent.


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