Wenzhou now listed as a Level 2 coronavirus outbreak zone. If you have travelled to Wenzhou, please conduct a home quarantine

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Date : 2020/2/3
Updated : 2020/2/6 下午 04:18:00

As the novel coronavirus continuing to spread in China, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) stated that the confirmed infection cases in Wenzhou City, China has been increasing; the number has reached 265 cases as of yesterday, which is the highest outside of Hubei province and virus infection within local communities may have occurred. Wenzhou municipal government has restricted road traffic and resident travel since Feb 2. Considering there are direct flights between Taiwan and Wenzhou City, and frequent interactions between people of both areas, on Feb 1, CECC decided to list Wenzhou as a level 2 coronavirus outbreak zone in accordance with the Criteria for the Determination of Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Zones in China. The statues is in effect starting on Feb. 3.

The CECC pointed out that Taiwan nationals who have travelled to Wenzhou City will be required to conduct home quarantine, while Wenzhou residents are banned from entering Taiwan. If you have suffered from fever or acute respiratory infection symptoms after you entered Taiwan, please go to a designated medical institution for screening and conduct home quarantine. If the test result is positive, you will be quarantined following the confirmed infection case protocols.

The CECC will watchfully monitor the situation of the novel coronavirus outbreak in China and adjust the prevention measures according to the development of the outbreak. Once again, the CECC would like to remind all travelers to make sure to report to the airport or port quarantine staff if experiencing fever, cough and other discomfort, and comply to all screening and prevention measures. If you have exhibited signs of the aforementioned symptoms within 14 days after returning to Taiwan, call the toll-free disease prevention hotline 1922 (or 0800-001922) and wear a face mask following the instruction and seek immediate medical attention. Be sure to disclose your history of travel, occupation, contact, and cluster (TOCC) to the doctor for faster diagnosis report. For more information on the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) also known as Wuhan coronavirus, check the Centers for Disease Control website: https://www.cdc.gov.tw.

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