Pregnancy Benefits

Pregnancy Benefits
Pregnancy Benefits
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Date : 2019/10/17
Updated : 2019/10/17 下午 04:46:00

In order to help young couples balance their work and family lives and to cope with the responsibilities of raising a child, the local government offers many measures and welfares. For example, during pregnancy, female workers are entitled to time off for antenatal care, maternity leave, transferal to a less-demanding job, and job retainment during maternity leave. Women are entitled to 8-weeks paid maternity leave, while men are also entitled to paternity leave. Additionally, labor insurance provides female workers with a pregnancy subsidy. All workers have the right to apply for family-care leave and unpaid job retainment while caring for their newborn children, as well as childcare benefits during unpaid job retainment periods, as included in their employment insurance. At workplaces, new mothers are entitled to daily breastfeeding (milk collection) time, and may apply for workload reduction or adjustment for newborn care, etc. In addition, businesses are also encouraged to establish facilities such as parenting rooms or daycare services, to reduce financial burdens for young couples in terms of childbirth and child-raising.

For more information: https://www.mol.gov.tw/23323/23325/#23443

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