【New Stories in Taiwan】 Give children something better than the best - the commitment of a Mexican soccer coach!

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Date : 2019/8/2
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Ten years ago, I traveled from Mexico to Taiwan in order to learn Chinese. As a soccer enthusiast I noticed Taiwan does not promote soccer as a sport, so the idea to promote soccer in Taiwan sprout in my heart. I met my wife in Taiwan, and she has always been encouraging and supporting the endeavor. After our child is born, we founded the Taipei Football Academy (TFA).

Taiwan was dubbed the “soccer desert,” so, it is very difficult to promote soccer in the early stage. However, after spending time and effort on teaching soccer, parents gradually started to recognize what we do and recommend us to others. I believe it is no coincidence that we met who we met. Watching children grow up brightens the heart, but watching children play soccer sooth the soul. So, we continue to enrich our life year after year. It is not until we tried and survived that we realized you only need to persevere and you'll make it through many things in life.


Keeping true to the traditional soccer training regimen used in Mexico, children in Taiwan were able to break free from the boundary of classroom and improve their physical stamina. Children having fun playing soccer gives them incentive to improve their skills, so I encourage children to continue practice and their perseverance will give them good results! This attitude is possibly the best lesson soccer can give to the children!

Every stage in life has a different goal for learning.
Parent said my teaching method is a great inspiration for the education system in Taiwan.
Because Taiwan's education often lacks a sense of purpose, the only goal for studying is to deal with tests. As a result, many students mistakenly think once they get into college then everything is sunshine and flowers afterwards. However, real life is not so simple. A good soccer player needs to be creative and explosive, forceful education only limits creativity. Taiwanese parents place great importance on test grades, so many of them don't understand the difference between tests and competition.
Winning or losing is not important in a competition, but once you step on that field, you need to make it a good game. Enjoy the game while you are on the field. It is undeniable that winning a game is amazing,
but losing the game only brings sweeter victory in the future. Everything is the process that build up to success. To be able to truly learn from a game, a player must take time to digest the game.

International perspective doesn't come from learning English alone, you also need to know soccer. Soccer is a great educational tool for life, and a great way to gain an international perspective. When you put on your jersey overseas, many people will greet you. Sometimes even strangers can even become very friendly if you support the same team. Taiwanese always think learning English equals having international perspective, but what would you talk about in English is even more important. Young people need content to talk about in their conversations. If a child knows soccer, plays soccer, and has the stamina to properly play soccer, then the child will be welcomed by their peers. Soccer is an international language. We are not looking to turn our children into star soccer players, but if we can cultivate them into persons that truly understand soccer, then they'll have a ticket to the international community.


It is gratifying to see parents went from not understanding soccer, to learning soccer with their children, and now they can chat about soccer. I see the positive influence soccer has on the children, and how it created a closer bond between parents and their children. More importantly, I see how soccer strengthen the relationships amongst the parents. I often tell my students' parents that soccer is a life-time thing, and as long as they play soccer, they'd be happy. Whether it is playing soccer with an adult or a child, I could always find the fun of learning in soccer. This is the charm of soccer.

There is no shortcut in sports, only hard work. Regardless what your genetics, and background may be, you have to work hard and persevere to be successful. Doesn't matter how much hard work you put into it; you have to believe success is not fat away. Make your child a unique, confident and grateful child. Hang in there, and your children will see the best version of themselves.


Soccer can teach children how to handle defeat, face difficulties in the future, and that perseverance makes dream come true. Even if they don't play soccer in the future, they can still relief stress through the sport when facing societal and work pressure or emotional stress. Soccer makes children healthier, and that is our motivation to intorduce soccer to children in Taiwan.

Did you play soccer today? Let's help our children develop their soccer energy!
TFA continues to train ourselves as a team. We hope Taiwanese parents can invest more time in their children like parents in other countries. And we also hope that we can bring together everyone in Taiwan through soccer. By promoting soccer one step at a time, hopefully one day, Taiwan can have a soccer culture of its own.


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