New-Immigrant Class Photo Submission

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Date : 2019/7/4
Updated : 2019/7/15 下午 05:56:00


Every year in Taiwan, many relevant classes are opened and offered to new immigrants, covering topics that include Chinese, Taiwanese, culinary arts, media, and more. Now, on top of learning, the New-Immigrant Class Photo Submission is open to accept your photos taken during class. Share your thoughts and joy with the Development Network for Immigrants!

@ Event Time: Jun. 15 - Aug 15, 2019

@ Share Content: Send the following content to the Development Network for Immigrants' LINE account (ifitw).
I. 1 - 2 photos of the class you are attending (be sure to include yourself in the photo!).
II. About 100 - 120 words of your thoughts on the class, including the class name.
III. Leave your name, contact number, contact address, and email for a prize drawing.

@ Event Goodies: After the event is over, we will draw 50 lucky winners for NT$500 post office gift cards.

@ Post Event: We will post your article and photos on the Development Network for Immigrants website and share your experience with others after the event is over.
Visit the Development Network for Immigrants website > Multicultural Promotion > Achievements

@ Note: After receiving your photo and article, our staff will send an email with the message "Received!" to you. If you win a prize, a notification will be sent via email, and you will receive a phone call. If you have any questions, call (02) 2388-9393 ext. 2364.

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