Download Mother’s Day voice greeting card in 7 languages

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Date : 2019/4/22
Updated : 2019/5/2 下午 03:30:00


Are you too embarrassed to say, “I love you mom”? Mother’s Day is just around the corner, mustard up your courage and express your love. Go to Development Network for Immigrants and download the “I love you voice greeting card” in either Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Burmese, and Khmer. Send the voice greeting card to your mother or to the person you want to thank via mobile phone or the internet. Show your love without being hindered by time, location, and language barrier!

※Available: 04/20 to 5/20
            1. Cloud: https://ftt.tw/GbFFH 
            2. Line: enter one of the following numbers to download the corresponding language (id: @ifitw)
                         (1) Chinese
                         (2) English
                         (3) Vietnamese
                         (4) Indonesian
                         (5) Thai
                         (6) Burmese
                         (7) Khmer

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