“Cross-Border Happiness”: Books on New Immigrants’ Life Stories

In order to make people understand new immigrants and their cultures of home countries, Ministry of Education commissioned Tamkang University to compile and publish the lifelong learning book for new immigrants – Cross-Border Happiness which is downloadable on the website of Ministry of Education. This book has two volumes, and there are 15 characters in each volume. The first volume features new immigrants’ life stories, new immigrants and their families (including children)’s adjustment and growth experiences, and the journey of education representative groups that accompany new immigrants to get education. The second volume focuses on recording the interviews of new immigrants and their friends and families in different occupations.

Since 2016, Ministry of Education has promoted “New Immigrant Education and Talent Project” to commit itself to empowering students taking advantage of their languages and multicultural understandings to promote their talents. In addition, assisting new immigrants in adjusting the environment to reach their full potential and making the general public understand the meaning of diver cultures is keys to create a friendly and acculturated society. According to Ministry of Education, it is hoped that through the publication of this book, the general public will be more aware of new immigrants’ life and cultures, which further promotes harmony between ethnic groups and lets everyone have deeper understanding of new immigrants’ cultures. For more information about the book, please visit the “Publications” on the website of Department of Lifelong Education, Ministry of Education to download the book (https://www.edu.tw).

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