Reminders for Transnational Marriage

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Date : 2019/2/15
Updated : 2019/2/15 下午 04:20:00

1. Please remember the following reminders by heart when seeking for a transnational marriage brokerage to ensure your rights and equities: (I) Remember→to sign a written contract with the broker. (II) Ask for→a payment receipt. (III) Inquire→transnational marriage brokerage with legal compliance, good services, and high qualities. (IV) Learn about→cultural background of your spouse. (V) Communicate→so that your marriage is long-lasting. 2. Where to find the transnational marriage brokerage and relevant services? Please visit the official website of Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency at https://www.immigration.gov.tw and click service category→transnational marriage brokerage section or dial(02)23889393 for more information.

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