Taichung City Plans for Subsidizing Young Girls under Financial Hardship to Participate in Overseas Public Welfare Program

In order to enhance the welfare services and rights & equities of the young girls under financial hardship in Taichung City, Taichung City Government subsidizes young girls under financial hardship to participate in overseas public welfare program to broaden their horizons, enhance their social participation, and improve their civic literacy.

Target: young girls aged 15~22 under financial hardship with household registration in Taichung City.
Qualification Review: qualification review will be carried out based on the application contents filled out by the applicants. For relevant forms and rules, please visit https://goo.gl/jJqXNG
Contact Window: Mrs. Chen at (04)22289111#37610 Women Welfare and Gender Equality Section of Social Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government

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