[Marriage] Keys to A Happy Marriage

[Marriage] Keys to A Happy Marriage
[Marriage] Keys to A Happy Marriage
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Date : 2019/2/12
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Marriage is not only a combination of husband and wife, but also a combination of two families, and even the mutual adaptation of the two cultures. Marriage mainly involves an understanding of each other, an establishment of marriage consensus, getting along with each other, family care & housework division, conflict & communication in marriage, and parenting & communicate with the children. It takes a lot of effort for couples to go through different stages of marriage from wedding, pregnancy, to childbirth. Maintaining a happy marriage requires good communication and seeking for professional advice when there is a conflict in marriage.

Marriage and Family: Starting Out On A New Journey In Life
A happy marriage involves both husband and wife where both parties support each other emotionally. Together, both husband and wife face joy and sadness together, encourage and support each other along the way, and maintain a good communication and listening skill to build a solid foundation on which the family thrives and grows. A marriage becomes valid only after making a marriage registration in any one of the household registration offices in Taiwan. You may visit the "marriage registration procedures" on this website to download all the documents required for marriage registration.

Government Provides New Parents with Adequate Resources: To Get Started with the Parenting
At present, the proportion of newborns from the new immigrant family is on the rise. Foreign spouses who get married in Taiwan are faced with cultural differences, language barriers, and expected pregnancies, leaving them helpless without knowing what to do exactly. Each stage of marriage from pregnancy, childbirth, to parenting consume a lot of energy. Getting ready for a baby, even new moms with ROC nationality are in total disarray not to mention foreign spouses. In order to meet the needs of foreign spouses who are about to give birth, the government provides a wide range of subsidies and health screening to help foreign spouses nurture the next generation.

In order to help pregnant women solve different problems, the Ministry of Health and Welfare set up a "Pregnancy and Childbirth Information Website http://mammy.hpa.gov.tw" and a "toll-free pregnancy and childbirth hot-line 0800-870-870" in a total of 4 languages including Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. Since both new mom and dad are faced with different challenges throughout their marriage including wedding, pregnancy, childbirth, child education, and adolescence education, the new parents must make good use of the “Health 99 Website https://health99.hpa.gov.tw” that provides a wide variety of resources covering information on pregnancy, childbirth, child health, healthcare, cancer prevention, chronic disease prevention, drug use, healthy diet, and nutrition care. For more information, please refer to the [childbirth and parenting] section on this website to learn about government subsidies for childbirth and parenting.

Parenting with Love
The most important parenting attitudes when raising children:
(1) Caring and raising children requires the involvement of both husband and wife. Whether it is a father or a mother, the time and effort they devoted to parenting have the same effect on their children. Therefore, "co-parenting" is the first step toward caring and raising children. It is important to let your spouse know that, "During the course of parenting, you are as important as I am!"
(2) Both the husband and wife should hold the same attitude and use the same standard in parenting, support the parenting attitudes and practices of each other by words and actions, and be consistent in their own actions and what they teach their children.
(3) Willing to discuss with each other over the parenting methods and strategies, face up to the conflicts in parenting, and willing to find a solution for parenting through discussion.
(4) Since the process of parenting is inevitably frustrating and overwhelming, parents should participate in the parenting education activities held by each unit or visit parent education website (such as iCoparenting) or social media website (such as iCoparenting Facebook Fan Page) to improve their knowledge and skill for parenting.

113 Domestic Violence Hot-Line for First-Line Rescue
If you find your spouse with violence tendency or fall victim to domestic violence yourself, please seek external assistance instead of keeping it to yourself. 113 Domestic Violence Hot-Line is a set of toll-free phone number through which professional social workers provide 24-hour & 24/7 phone reception services that not only support a total of 7 languages including Chinese, Taiwanese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Khmer, and Indonesian, but also provide the new immigrants with a three-way calling and in-time rescue so that the victims can live with a peace of mind. For details, please refer to the "Targets of 113 Domestic Violence Hot-line" on this website.

A happy marriage requires involvement from both husband and wife, facing all trivial and important things in life, and try to listen to and communicate with each other whenever there is a conflict in marriage. Only by then can a happy and harmonious marriage be realized.

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