Public Assistance Act and Other Relative Regulations

Public assistance is based on the government's protection of people's basic living rights and equities by providing adequate support and assistance to those who are old, weak, disabled, unable to make a living, and suffer from extreme disasters. Therefore, public assistance is generally incorporated into the basic national policy as an important part of the social security system and the last line of defense. Public assistance in Taiwan has always adhered to the principle of "active care, respect for the needy, and help them become self-reliant" to maintain a minimum living standard for the individuals, make them self-reliant, help them escape poverty, and allow them to return back to the mainstream society. In order to provide a standard guideline for the public assistance to follow through, the relevant laws and regulations are aggregated in the Public Assistance Act and Other Relative Regulations to which the general public and all walks of lives may make references as necessary.

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