[Medical Care Theme] Providing Medical Subsidies for the Seniors and Improving the Seniors’ Life Quality

[Medical Care Theme] Providing Medical Subsidies for the Seniors and Improving the Seniors’ Life Quality
[Medical Care Theme] Providing Medical Subsidies for the Seniors and Improving the Seniors’ Life Quality
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Date : 2019/1/14
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Taiwan is becoming an aging society. In order to improve the inconvenience caused by aging, the government provides several free medical examinations, life assistance application, care services, and other measures in a hope to create a healthy, safe, and friendly environment for the seniors.

Community Care Centers Provide Seniors with Local Services
Community care centers provide seniors with care visits, telephone greetings and counseling as well as referral services. Also, according to local seniors’ needs, the centers will provide meal services or organize health promotion activities. Each center can provide more than 3 services. It is hoped that through localized community care, seniors can stay and live in a familiar environment, which gives the caregiver of the family appropriate time to rest to prevent the deterioration of long-term care problems and enable the community members to help themselves and each other. Community care centers at every county and city can be found on Ministry of Health and Welfare’s “Community Care Center Services Website (https://ccare.sfaa.gov.tw/home/index).”

To Improve the Mobility Inconvenience in Senior’s Life, The Government Provides Assistive Technology and Equipment Resource Services and Subsidies
“Assistive Technology” exists in every part of our daily lives. For seniors, assistive technology and equipment are indispensable. Through the use of assistive technology and equipment, the self-dependence and life quality of the seniors can be improved. To lessen caregivers’ burden, those who need assistive technology and equipment can visit local district offices where they register their household record, Department or Bureau of Social Welfare at county or city governments, or assistive technology and equipment resource center for an application. After evaluation, those can have subsidies and relevant services for assistive technology and equipment. For more information, please visit the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s “Assistive Technology Resource Website” (https://newrepat.sfaa.gov.tw/).

Currently, seniors who meet the following qualifications can apply for assistive technology and equipment:
1.Long-Term Care 2.0: Assistive Technology and Equipment Service and Home Accessibility Improvement Service
Those who are qualified for subsidies: People who are evaluated by the official and considered “the disabled” can file applications, including disabled seniors over 65 years old, disabled indigenous people over 55 years old, mentally and physically disabled people at any age, and disabled senior who are over 50 years old with dementia.
Ways to Apply: Call long-term care hotline “1966” and there will be a care management officer visiting your home to evaluate the status of mental and physical disability and assist you in the application.
Subsidized Program and Amount: Please refer to “Guidelines for Long-Term Care Subsidies and Payments”.

2. Assistive Technology and Equipment for the Mentally and Physically Disabled
Those who are qualified for subsidies: Those who have already owned a disability card/evidence and are eligible for the assistive technology and equipment subsidy. Meanwhile, the application for some assistive technology and equipment needs to be reviewed and evaluated by doctors and therapists.
Ways to Apply: Please contact “Assistive Technology and Equipment Center” at counties and cities.
Subsidized Program and Amount: Please refer to “Guidelines for Assistive Technology and Equipment Subsidy for the Mentally and Physically Disabled.”

Providing Middle- and Low-Income Seniors with A Variety of Medical Subsidies
1.Special Care Premium for Seniors
Family caregivers from middle- and low-income families who lose income due to taking care of seniors and need to take care of mentally and physically disabled seniors qualified for senior living premium without living in senior care centers, applying for home care, or hiring any home nurses or caregivers can receive NTD$ 5,000 per month. Anyone who intends to apply can contact district office or Department or Bureau of Social Welfare at counties and cities where one has household registration.

2.Health Insurance Subsidies for Middle- and Low-Income Seniors
For middle- and low-income seniors over 70 years old, Ministry of Health and Welfare provides “full subsidy” for self-paying Health Insurance fee. As for the partial payment for National Health Insurance or medical fee uncovered by the insurance, the local competent authority will provide subsidies in ration according to subsidy guidelines. For information about subsidy programs for the insured offered by the central and local government, please visit the official website of Ministry of Health and Welfare (https://www.nhi.gov.tw/Content_List.aspx?n=2B6C70D61115FF2A&topn=3185A4DF68749BA9) or contact the health care consulting service line: 0800-030-598.

3.Subsidies for Hiring Caregivers for Hospitalized Middle- and Low-Income Seniors
Middle- and low-income seniors who have no family members to take care of and receive approval from doctors to hire caregivers are qualified for receiving subsides from county or city governments to lessen their financial burden. It should be noted that the subsidy standards of every county and city are different, and this subsidy program cannot be requested at the same time with other services, such as “Special Care Premium for Seniors,” “Home Care Service,” and “Daytime Care.” For more information, please contact the Department or Bureau of Social Welfare at counties or cities.

4. Denture Subsidy for Middle- and Low-Income Seniors
To enhance the promotion of the seniors’ welfare, improve the seniors’ health, and lesson the seniors’ financial burden, middle- and low-income seniors over 65 years old are offered denture subsidies to maintain their life quality and dignity.

Qualifications for Subsidy: Seniors over 65 years old and from low-income families and middle- and low-income seniors receiving senior living premium or receiving full subsides from governments for settlement can file denture subsidy application to qualified dental hospitals contracted with National Health Insurance Administration by providing their low-income verification issued by district offices, evidence of receiving senior living premium for the middle- and low-income seniors, or evidence of receiving full-subsided settlement from government as well as National ID Card, personal stamp, and health insurance card.

Welcoming Aging Society and Establishing A Complete Long-Term Care System
Aging and baby bust changes Taiwan’s population structure, which increases the financial burden of family care. More and more people give up their life quality and jobs to take care of their family members. Due to this, the government plant a long-term care system to tackle the dilemma that an aging population brings. For more information about long-term care, please visit the following website (https://ifi.immigration.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=9884&ctNode=36461&mp=ifi_zh).

1957 Welfare Counseling Line; Getting Help with One Call
1957 welfare consulting line integrates various services and resources of public and private sectors to provide a single contact place for social welfare counseling as well as informing and referral services. If you have any questions regarding senior welfare, call this free line. For more information, please visit the following website (https://ifi.immigration.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=9684&ctNode=36527&mp=ifi_zh)

1957 Welfare Counseling Line Service Time: 8:00 – 22:00 Daily (Including National Holidays)

The longer a person live, the more common the pain finds him. To let the seniors live with dignity and lessen caregivers’ burden, the governments provide various medical subsidies. No matter whether it is community care, assistive technology and equipment subsidies, medical premium, or the establishment of a long-term care system, the purpose is to improve the seniors’ life quality.

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