Epidemic Prevention is Everyone’s Responsibility. Reminders to Prevent the Invasion of African Swine Fever.

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Date : 2018/12/27
Updated : 2019/1/2 下午 04:32:00

1. The fatality rate of African Swine Fever is 100%. Please don’t bring foreign meat back to our country. Those who carry meat products into Taiwan such as pork floss, sausage, fresh pork, cured pork, pork wrapper, etc, will be fine a maximum of 1 million.

2. If you have entered any pig farm in China recently, please quarantine yourself for a week after returning to avoid spreading the viruses in Taiwan.

To protect Taiwanese pigs, pay attention when entering Taiwan

Foreigners and visitors from Mainland China for the short-term stay carrying pork or its products from the affected areas of African Swine Fever without paying the fine will be prohibited from entering Taiwan according to the law.

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