Taoyuan’s Trial of Interpreter Service by Calling 1999

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Date : 2018/12/10
Updated : 2018/12/10 上午 10:11:00

In order to provide high-quality travel services to foreign travelers and thoughtful civil services for new immigrants and foreign workers, Taoyuan City provides the trial of interpreter service by calling 1999 starting November 1, 2018.
The 1999 interpreter service provides interpretation in 6 languages, including Japanese, English, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. The caller and receiver can talk to the interpreter at the same time, which enables foreign friends to communicate in their native languages.
The 1999 interpreter service is available during weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00. Those who call 1999 by using local landlines or mobile phones can enjoy 10 minutes of free service. Those who need this service can take advantage of it.

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