[Education] Move Toward New Southbound; Take Advantage of Your Mother Tongue

[Education] Move Toward New Southbound; Take Advantage of Your Mother Tongue
[Education] Move Toward New Southbound; Take Advantage of Your Mother Tongue
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Date : 2018/12/6
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In recent years, the government has vigorously promoted New Southbound Policy. Many enterprises have invested in Southeast Asian countries and are in need of talents. In Taiwan, Southeast Asian language courses are offered in many places, which makes foreign language courses not merely include European and American languages.

The Implementation of the New Curriculum in 2019 Academic to Promote New Immigrant Language Teaching in Junior and Elementary Schools
The new curriculum for 12-year compulsory education will be implemented in 2019 academic year. The new curriculum includes new immigrant language arts. In the future, elementary school students will be required to choose one of the language arts courses from local languages (Hokkien, Hakka, or indigenous languages) or new immigrant languages (Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Burmese language, Cambodian, Filipino, and Malay). New immigrant languages will be elective for junior and senior high school students.

New Immigrant Language Teaching Support Staff Training
To make up the shortage of new immigrant language teachers, the temporary solution is to train teaching support staff. Many counties and cities offer teaching support staff training courses, and by December 2016, more than 1,375 teaching support staff had attended the training. Those who are over 20 years old and are eligible (eligibility is subject to one of the following requirements: new immigrants and their children; foreign students who are work in accordance with Employment Service Law; students majoring in Southeast Asian languages; Taiwanese citizens who have a valid teaching certificate and an official language certificate for one of the Southeast Asian languages) can register for the training courses. New trainees will participate in 36 hours of training and pass a teaching demonstration at the end of the training to receive a “Teaching Support Staff” certificate. Currently, the qualification of teaching support staff is regulated in accordance with “Regulations Governing Hiring Teaching Support Staff in Junior High and Elementary Schools.” Those who have a teaching support staff certificate can participate in the selection of teaching support staff in the junior high and elementary schools to teach at schools.
For information about teaching support staff training courses offered in the north, central, south, east, and outlying islands of Taiwan, please visit the official website of New Resident Language Education Resource Center (http://newres.pntcv.ntct.edu.tw).

Online Learning Materials for New Immigrant Languages
Currently, the learning materials of new immigrant languages are being compiled. The Ministry of Education and Education Department of New Taipei City Government have collaborated to compile 126 books of new immigrant language learning materials in 7 different languages for Grade 1 to 9 students in accordance with new immigrant language curriculum. The books are used for teaching and learning and available online. To learn about the content of the learning materials, please download them from the website of the New Resident Language Education Resource Center (http://newres.pntcv.ntct.edu.tw/ischool/publish_page/15/).
In addition, Education Department of New Taipei City Government establishes “Multicultural Education Resources Website” to provide a wealth of Southeast Asian languages learning materials in Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Filipino, etc. For more information about the materials, please visit the website (http://www.multiculture.ntpc.edu.tw/ischool/public/mybook/bookshelf.php?bsid=4).
If you are interested in learning Vietnamese, the digital learning website, “Taipei e-Campus,” provides free online courses, including pronunciation, spelling, daily life conversation, scenario application, and other theme units. For more information about the courses, please visit the website of Taipei e-Campus (http://elearning.taipei/elearn/courseinfo/index.php?courseid=1441).

The Ministry of Education will implement a new curriculum in 2019 academic year to assist new immigrant children in preserving and passing on Southeast Asian cultures, promoting the respect of multiple cultures. In the past, the focus of foreign language learning is on English and Japanese. Recently, the government vigorously promotes New Southbound Policy, which drives the learning of Southeast Asian languages.

Ministry of Education – Teacher Training Plan in Response to the Implementation of New Curriculum
New Resident Language Education Resource Center
Multicultural Education Resource Website

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