Statistics on the Distribution of the Number of New Immigrant Children in Junior High and Elementary Schools

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Date : 2018/11/19
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Due to the changes in social and economic environment as well as in population structure, particularly the low birth rate since 1998 that has a great impact on the number of children enrolling in elementary school in 2004, educational institutions of different levels start to look for new places to recruit students. In addition, due to the blooming economics of China and Southeast Asian countries, issues of life adjustment of foreign spouses, and government’s measures to avoid marriage fraud, the international marriage population declines to 19,500 people in 2013 from 54,600 people in 2003 and then goes up to 20,400 in 2016. The population of people from China and Southeast Asian countries in Taiwan continues to decrease from 95.24% in 2003 to 77.53% in 2016 with the percentage declining from 13.37% in 2003 to 6.18% in 2016. Even though the number of new immigrant children decreases, they are still an important part of national citizen quality and competiveness.
Since the academic year of 2003, the Ministry of Education began to collect data of new immigrant children enrolling in the junior high and elementary schools. The data were organized and analyzed based on each academic year since 2004. It is hoped that with limited educational resources, the Ministry of Education can provide feasible and practical educational measures for new immigrant children who are nurtured and trained in an educational environment filled with diversity, proactivity, and adaption, which further helps them to use appropriate educational resources and develop in accordance with their aptitude.

The statistics of new immigrant children enrolling in junior high and elementary schools from 2005 to 2016 academic years is organized by cities and counties as well as nationality. Special analysis report from 2004 to 2016 is provided. Please refer to the following websites for more information:

1.Statistics over the years:

2.Statistical analysis over the years:

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