“Parental Visit Transportation”: New Taipei City Provides Subsidies for Parental Visit Transportation

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Date : 2018/10/5
Updated : 2018/10/5 下午 03:15:00

“Parental Visit Transportation” is New Taipei City Government’s plan to provide subsidies for parental visit transportation. Pregnant females and new immigrants (including Chinese spouses) who are married to New Taipei City residents and are pregnant can take designated shuttles to visit hospitals or clinics for a parental checkup. The round-trip to and from the hospitals or clinics count two times of travel, and the maximum subsidy for each travel is NTD$ 200. The subsidy application is limited to 10 times. The subsidy is for a parental visit only and does not apply to the case after giving birth. The subsidy application is limited to once for each pregnancy. Please apply the subsidy from the public health centers in New Taipei City or Social Welfare Department, New Taipei City Government.

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