[Education Topic] Cross Language Barriers and Learn Chinese Easily

[Education Topic] Cross Language Barriers and Learn Chinese Easily
[Education Topic] Cross Language Barriers and Learn Chinese Easily
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Date : 2018/9/10
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New immigrants who just arrived in Taiwan usually come across language barriers. Many city and county governments have provided a variety of assistance and resources, including Chinese literacy class, and compiling Chinese learning materials to facilitate new immigrants to learn Chinese and adjust themselves to Taiwan’s lifestyle and cultural differences.

Many City and County Governments Offer Chinese Literacy Class
Chinese Literacy class or Basic Education workshop for adults offered by all city and county governments start in March and September. The courses and workshops focus on Chinese language learning and introducing Taiwanese culture, customs, food, and festivals with the purpose of assisting new immigrants in knowing Taiwan’s culture and improving Chinese literacy. For more information about the course, please visit our website and search “Education and Learning – Courses and Materials – Course Information” or contact the Department of Education in city and county governments.

Ministry of Education Complies “Basic Literacy Materials for Adults” (Bilingual Materials in Thai, Tagalog, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian)
In order to assist new immigrants in learning Chinese literacy skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and reading systematically and nurture them to become citizens who are also life-long learners, Ministry of Education particularly compiles basic literacy materials for adults. This set of materials include Book One to Book Six. To make learning easier and more convenient for new immigrants, bilingual materials are created in Chinese-Indonesian, Chinese-Vietnamese, Chinese-Cambodian, and Chinese-Tagalog (English). For information about materials, please visit the website of the Ministry of Education’s Department of Lifelong Education and download the materials.

“Huayuworld.org” Shortens the Distance of Learning Chinese
Due to the fact that learning Chinese through digital formats has become a trend, more and more people want to learn Chinese. Overseas Community Affairs Council sets up “huayuworld” (https://www.huayuworld.org) in which provides a wealthy of learning resources, such as materials for learning Chinese language and culture, Chinese course, videos, and games. Particularly, e-books are offered in Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Tagalog. The website enables learners to learn Chinese without being limited by time and space and learn Chinese anytime at their convenience.
In addition to Chinese learning resources, “huayuworld.org” also collects a variety of digital learning materials in Hokkien, Hakka, and aboriginal languages, including phonics learning, themed animation, Taiwanese nursery, Hokkien idioms, and online learning materials. Through learning from interesting materials, new immigrants can thus know more about Taiwan’s mother tongue culture.

New Taipei City and Kaohsiung City Governments Compiles Learning Materials for New Immigrants
New Taipei City Government’s Department of Education sets up “Multicultural Education Resource Network” to provide basic learning materials and Chinese character writing practice data base for new immigrants who can learn Chinese characters and pronunciation online. For more information, please visit the “Multicultural Education Resource Network – Themes” and download the materials.
Kaohsiung City Government’s Education Bureau creates learning materials for new immigrants that includes three books at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. The materials can be used in adult basic education course or for self-study. The materials include daily life language to help new immigrants recognize Chinese characters and adjust their life. Please download the materials on the website of Kaohsiung City Government’s Education Bureau.

To learn Chinese, new immigrants can not only attend Chinese literacy courses offered by city and county governments but also reach out to online learning materials. The availability of Chinese learning resources enables new immigrants to self-learn while taking care of their families or work. It helps reduce language and communication barriers and make new immigrants adjust themselves to Taiwan’s lifestyle easier.

Kaohsiung City Government’s Department of Education – Continuing Education and Adult Basic Education

Taipei City New Immigrant Zone – New Immigrant Courses

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