Free Vocational Training Courses to Nurture “New Immigrant” Talents

Free Vocational Training Courses to Nurture “New Immigrant” Talents
Free Vocational Training Courses to Nurture “New Immigrant” Talents
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Date : 2018/8/20
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In order to assist new immigrants in improving their employability in the workplace, the public and private sectors provide a series of diverse vocational training courses, such as manicure, baking, tour guides, and interpreters. New immigrants who meet specific qualifications can apply for fully-funded training fee as well as living allowance. The training courses are to support new immigrants to learn a second specialty and connect with society.

New Immigrants Participate in Vocational Training Courses for Free
As long as the unemployed new immigrants (referring to those who are married to Taiwanese citizens with household registration in Taiwan, and foreigners as well as people from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau with working permit in Taiwan) participate in the vocational training courses organized, commissioned or subsidized by all branches of Workforce Development Agency, their training fee will be fully-funded by the government.
New Immigrant spouses who have obtained the identity as Taiwanese citizens can receive 80% of the funding that a general Taiwanese citizen pays for the training fee. For seniors, people with disabilities, people from low-income families, and females returning to the job market, they can participate in the training for free.

Applying for Living Allowance during Vocational Training
If new immigrants are unemployed and participate in vocational training arranged by public employment service agency or are selected for training by vocational training units, they can apply for living allowance during vocational training if their training is considered “full-time.” The full-time training should meet the following conditions:
1. The overall training lasts more than 1 month.
2. The training takes more than 4 days a week.
3. The training takes more than 4 hours a day.
4. The total training hours in a month is more than 100 hours.
The amount of subsidized living allowance is 60% of monthly basic salary, and the maximum subsidy is 6 months in 2 years. However, if applicants have disabilities, the maximum subsidy is 12 months. For more information, please visit the website of the Ministry of Labor and search “Ministry of Labor Subsidizes Living Allowance during Vocational Training.”

The Government Provides Care Subsidies during Vocational Training
In order to encourage unemployed new immigrants to participate in vocational training courses, local governments provide subsidies for temporary childcare or senior care during vocational training. For example, Taipei City Government provides training participants with subsidies for childcare and senior care. Taoyuan City Government also provides subsidies for temporary childcare to lessen the families’ burden without having the training participants to juggle with family and training. For more information about the application, please contact local governments’ Department of Social Welfare or employment services.

Vocational Training Courses in Cities and Counties
The Taiwan Jobs website integrates a variety of employment information to help people find jobs, learn skills, and start their own businesses. If you are interested in participating vocational training organized by Workforce Development Agency or commissioned to private agencies, colleges and universities, and local governments, you can visit Taiwan Jobs website’ “Vocational Training Area” or National Immigration Agency website’s “Training & Employment – Training” for more information.
Vocational training centers established by local governments provide people with new workplace information, employment consultation services, vocational training courses, recruitment, and seminars to help people learn skills and get professional certificates. For information about local governments’ vocational training centers, please visit the website of My E-Government.

Workforce Development Digital Service Platform Provides Diverse Workplace Skill Courses
Workforce Development Digital Service Platform (https://portal.wda.gov.tw/) integrates online courses, e-books, and audio-visual digital materials to respond to the development of mobile learning in the future. Workforce Development Agency hopes to develop a career-oriented life-long learning service website to let people select training courses according to their needs. Meanwhile, the platform also includes courses of all skills needed in different occupations for a total of 1,055 courses, which makes it convenient for people to select appropriate courses according to their professional needs. For more information, please visit the website of the Workforce Development Agency and search “Workforce Development Digital Service Platform.”

In order to encourage unemployed new immigrants entering the workplace smoothly, the government provides a variety of assistance, including organizing vocational training courses, subsidizing training fee and living allowance, offering digital learning courses for free, and so on in a hope to improve their employability.

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