Is It True that New Immigrant Females Cannot Have Prenatal Exam Subsidies If They Do Not Have National Health Insurance?

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Date : 2018/8/3
Updated : 2018/8/3 上午 11:22:00

After staying in Taiwan, new immigrants can partake in National Health Insurance through their employment or by providing their residence document to show they have been living in Taiwan for at least 6 months. To protect new immigrant pregnant females and their children, those who have not been involved in National Health Insurance plans can still enjoy the subsidies provided by Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare if their spouses are citizens of Taiwan. They will be subsided to have 10 times of prenatal exams, one time of ultrasound test, one time of Group B Streptococcus test, and two times of health education services.

For new immigrant pregnant females who have not been involved in National Health Insurance but intend to apply for prenatal exam subsidies, please prepare the following documents and submit your applications to local public health centers:
1.Household Certificate
2.Resident Certificate, Travel Certificate, or other documents.

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