Taichung City Provides Interpretation Services for New Immigrants

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Date : 2018/7/13
Updated : 2018/7/13 上午 09:11:00

If you need interpretation and translation services, the application information is as follows.

Organizer: Taichung City New Immigrant Family Service Center – Coast Line

Service Hours: Mondays to Fridays 08:00 – 17:00

Service Provided for:
Government agencies, groups, businesses, and the general public whose household registration is in Taichung and who need the interpretation service.

Contact Information:
Tel. No.: (04)2680-1947 for Social Worker Hong
E-Mail: happywomanday@yahoo.com.tw

Interpretation and Translation Fees:
1.Interpretation Fee: NTD$ 800 per hour. The fee for each case is limited to NTD$ 5,000 max.

2.Translation Fee: If the service is to translate foreign languages into Chinese, fees are charged based on Chinese word counts. If the service is to translate Chinese into foreign languages, fees are charged based on foreign languages word counts. The maximum NTD$ 1,700 can be charged for one thousand words.

3.If the interpretation or translation service is used for charity, fees are paid with Taichung City Welfare Lottery Earnings Distribution Fund. If the service is not used for charity, the applicant should be responsible for paying the fees.

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