National Immigration Agency’s service station does not close until 7 p.m on Tuesdays and Thursdays to provide convenient services for the general public.

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Date : 2018/7/12
Updated : 2018/7/12 上午 08:50:00

Due to the increasing population of new immigrants and their children in Taiwan as well as more foreigners visiting Taiwan for schooling, traveling, and business, National Immigration Agency extends the service hours of service stations around Taiwan and takes in effect today to serve new immigrants, foreigners, and the general public more effectively. The service hours are not limited for emergencies. For new immigrants living in the rural areas, services will be provided through mobile trucks.
Starting today, National Immigration Agency’s service stations in various cities, counties, and towns extend the service hours by including Tuesdays and Thursdays 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Please make a reservation for the service. The extension of service hours benefits new immigrants and foreigners who can visit service stations after work or school. However, for the unexpected and emergencies, National Immigration Agency’s service stations will provide assistance and services that are not subject to the above time limit.
As for serving new immigrants who live in the rural areas or have disabilities, National Immigration Agency’s service stations also plan to use mobile trucks and Internet to expand service areas to solve the problem of inconvenient access to services.
Upon moving to Taiwan, new immigrants and foreigners need time to settle down. National Immigration Agency not only announces a variety of events on its website to help them be familiar with the environment but also publicizes the service hours of service stations to new immigrants. National Immigration Agency also tries to improve the effectiveness of delivering services to expedite the paperwork and provide convenient and heartwarming services for new immigrants, their children, and foreigners.

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