Immigration Agency Launches 5 New Services

Immigration Agency Launches 5 New Services
Immigration Agency Launches 5 New Services
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Date : 2018/1/22
Updated : 2018/1/22 下午 01:55:00

Start from 2018, 5 new services launched by Immigration Agency allow access of even more information online. Benefitting from foreign students in Taiwan, overseas born students, to Taiwan residents from Chinese, Macao and Hong Kong. The changes shall make living in Taiwan more practical and time efficient.

1. Foreign students, overseas born students
Foreign students in Taiwan and overseas born students can now apply online for first Resident Certificate, make change or update of personal particulars, and extend or change registration.

2. National students in Taiwan Area born overseas without household registration
Apply online for first Resident Certificate, change and update of personal particulars, extend and change registration. No letter of agreement required from parents for 1st application and workings days are shortened from 7 days to 5 days. For extending and changing registration the working days are 2 days instead of 5.

3. Simplified certificate exam procedure for speedy arrival
For Taiwan residents from Chinese, Macao and Hong Kong who hold R.O.C IC Resident certificate, the simplified arrival procedure is applied without examination paper. For passengers who request for the stamp of arrival or departure, contact custom office for printing and proper stamp of examination paper.

4. Evolution for the Mini-three-links
From now on, G Visa is no longer required for Chinese people applying individual travel to Taiwan. Paper examination limit will be relaxed and more legal activities are covered in the Mini-three-links.

5. Foreigners online status checking
In the future foreigners can check online with MOICA to see if they are restrained from exit.

(1) Immigration Agency Customer Service ‪(02)27967162 or online chat customer service http://cs.immigration.gov.tw for website system operation related questions‬‬‬‬

(2) For application questions, contact local Immigration Agency service of your school’s district (08:00-17:00). Information is also available online at ‪http://www.immigration.gov.tw

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