[Education] Live and Learn, self-enrichment through diverse learning

[Education] Live and Learn, self-enrichment through diverse learning
[Education] Live and Learn, self-enrichment through diverse learning
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Date : 2018/1/19
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Language barrier stays the most of the challenges to a new immigrant in Taiwan. Through learning, familiarize yourself with the new environment and adapt to local culture. Learning channels are available from Local government, schools, new immigrant learning center and civil groups. The interaction between teachers, and between classmates of same origins help you incorporated into Taiwanese living style. Five study courses and self-study course for examination are provided to new immigrants:

1 Adult Basic Education Course
To equip adults deprived of education, foreign spouses and Chinese spouses with better hearing, reading, writing, communicating and calculating abilities, local governments organized adult education course and divide classes into three levels according to students’ progress. Targeting Taiwanese, foreign spouses and Chinese spouses who are 15 years old and above, illiterate or do not possess the level of elementary school diploma (equivalent), the courses including Taiwanese alphabet and reading (sessions open every March and September). Certificate issues upon 72 hours attendance. Go to local government education department [‪https://www.k12ea.gov.tw/ap/elementary.aspx‬] for detail information.‬‬

Compilation by Ministry of Education, the 1st to 6th “Adult Basic Literacy” and bi-lingual version are used in class. Download version available at [‪http://ifi.immigration.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=209&ctNode=36510&mp=ifi_zh].‬‬‬

“Adult Basic Education” of Mandarin, English and mathematic are provided free online at [‪http://www.lct.tp.edu.tw/files/15-1001-291,c39-1.php].‬‬‬‬

2. Grade 1 to Grade 9 Education Course
To implement lifetime study and elevate education levels, the supplementary junior high and elementary schools provides learning courses for deprived of education and new immigrants. The courses including Chinese literacy, computer, math, nature, music, art and more. Obtain Taiwan education diploma upon graduation. For continuing education schools, go to [‪https://data.gov.tw/dataset/28584‬] or local education department [‪https://www.k12ea.gov.tw/ap/elementary.aspx‬] for full information.‬‬‬‬

Supplementary elementary school: over 12 years old, qualification not required. Classification upon tests or certificate of finished course or equivalent document.
Supplementary junior high school: over 15 years old, graduated from elementary school or passed the certification test for a self-study degree or equivalent level.

3. Certification test for a self-study degree
For deprived of education and new immigrants to obtain equivalent education degrees of elementary school graduate and junior high school graduate, certification test for a self-study degree is organized around every March with registration at the end of January or the beginning of February. Equivalent education certificate is issued for qualified scores. Partial qualified subject will be issued with subject qualification certificate. Detail information [‪http://ifi.immigration.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=207&ctNode=36508&mp=ifi_zh] or contact local government.‬‬‬

Subjects for elementary school graduate certification test for 14 years old and above nationals (including people who possesses Taiwan area resident certificate or Taiwan passport): Mandarin, Math, social science, and nature and living technology.
Subjects for junior school graduate certification test for 17 years old and above nationals: Mandarin, English, Math, social science, and nature and living technology.

4 New Immigrant Learning Center
To provide the opportunities for the increasing population of new immigrants and their families to blend in the community and embrace multiple culture, 6 programs from language, culture, family education, laws and regulations to trainings and policy promotion are organized by MOE (Ministry of Education) and are taught at New Immigrant Learning Centers. For the locations of Learning Centers: [‪http://ifi.immigration.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=9075&ctNode=36515&mp=ifi_zh].‬‬‬

5. New Immigrant Adaptation Assistance Class
“New Immigrant Adaptation Assistance Course” by local authorities and NGOs runs every year, with courses including Language, Life Adaptation, Basic Rights and Interests, Local Customs, Children Education, Employment, Health and Education, the program provides freely to new immigrants completed marriage registration with Taiwanese spouse and will receive proof of hours attended for naturalization. Detail information: [‪http://ifi.immigration.gov.tw/lp.asp?ctNode=36487&CtUnit=19894&BaseDSD=7&mp=ifi_zh] or contact local government.‬‬‬

Continuous education regardless of ages and nationalities. Through different learning channels it can enhance education levels as well as learning culture differences in a more practical way and help adapt life in Taiwan quicker and easier.

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