National Taiwan University ASEAN Open Course

National Taiwan University ASEAN Open Course
National Taiwan University ASEAN Open Course
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Date : 2018/1/9
Updated : 2018/1/9 下午 01:56:00

Supported by Taiwan Representative Office in Thailand, CTLD (Center for Teaching and Learning Development) of NTU has developed an online open course covering IT, Business Management and Economics, Asian-Pacific Knowledge and Culture and History. The resource derived from NTU MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) and NTU Speech selections are based on the needs for ASEAN development. The borderless courses are available anytime to everyone.

“National Taiwan University ASEAN Open Course” portal site (‪https://asean.dlc.ntu.edu.tw/‬). Three free-share online courses are available:
1 NTU OpenCourseWare [‪http://ocw.aca.ntu.edu.tw/ntu-ocw/‬]
Actual classes are recorded and uploaded. Click on the desired course to watch the class video and download learning materials.‬‬‬‬

2 NTU MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) [https://zh-tw.coursera.org/taiwan]
International learning platform Coursera is uploaded with online courses made for learners outside the school. Recorded by teachers and professors, the Coursera is available simply by one-minute registration. Hundreds of world renown schools online courses including NTU courses are at your fingertips.

3 NTU Online Speech ‪[https://speech.ntu.edu.tw/ntuspeech/‬]
Live recordings of renown scholars and successful personalities’ speech at NTU.‬

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